Everyone tries to think outside the box.  The box is old and tired as far as I am concerned. 

I am a graphic designer who thinks outside the circle because circles don't have corners and limitations, like a box does.

If you have been limiting your success with a poor business image, then maybe it's time to do something about it.  Society makes snap judgments, by appearance, within a blink of an eye.  Have you ever looked at someone’s business card, brochure, or website and decided not to contact them based on what you saw?  I know I have.  If the image you are putting out there isn’t reflective of how great your business is,let me help give you that professional edge - don't limit your success!


I have worked with area businesses and organizations for almost 20 years and I understand the frustration and stress felt when trying to develop and implement a positive marketing image.  I thrive on working with those businesses and organizations to put forth a more professional image and then put that image into action.   Whether it be a new logo, new brochures, posters, apparel, a marketing campaign, etc., it is well worth the time and effort!